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Posted On: 30 January 2008
Category: Training

Mountain bike riding and racing in all it's different forms is very demanding. You're going to need a certain level of fitness in order to meet your expectations. 

Strength, power, endurance and speed can all be improved through structured training. Is there another solution to becoming a stronger and more efficient

mountain bike rider? Like most sports, mountain biking involves basic skills that should be understood and mastered before taking on more advanced techniques.

Most children are self taught and spend endless hours observing their friends, participating and practising in their local woods without realising that they're actually teaching themselves how to become a better and more efficient rider.

How often do you see adults playing in the woods?

Ian Potter has been running coaching clinics for 7 years. Working as a guide he found that the majority of his guests were not riding their bike efficiently,

struggled with the terrain and weren't aware of what they could be doing to improve their skills. Often ‘lack of fitness' or ‘lack of strength' was the excuse,

when in fact it was often a combination of several factors including gear selection, body position, braking, trail craft etc.

Ian also discovered that poorly set up bikes was another area holding people back, causing discomfort or in the worst cases inducing injury.

Over the next few months Ian will be addressing different aspects of mountain bike technique, skills and bike set up to help you think about your

riding and how you can become not only a fit rider, but a fit and highly skilled one.

The three main areas he will address throughout the year are –

(1)    Free energy & Flow – using your skill to save energy.

(2)    Bike set up – adjusting the bike to fit the rider.

(3)    Trail craft – reading and reacting to the trail.

If you want to join Ian and his team on a Quick Release Holidays skills training day please click the link below.


AQR Testimonials


My experience with AQR was fantastic. The team were full of guidance and I definitely felt significant improvement in my riding style by the end of the day. I would gladly offer myself as a point of contact to give feedback for anyone thinking about attending. (Angela McGlone)

An excellent day, fantastic value for money, Points that have been floating around in my head all weekend since leaving the course – Crank placement! Braking & looking where I'm going!   (Debbie Read)

 AQR Skills Day - Sherwood Pines
 It was a fantastic feeling to be taking the corners at a faster speed but feeling much more in control and have more 
 grip with the terrain. My only wish was that I had come on the course 6 years ago! 
 So how would I rate it. Well for value for money it cannot be beaten. You get a full day of expert instruction, 
 expert knowledge and encouragement, you come away with a bike that is set up to maximise you potential on the trails, 
 learn skills and techniques you can go away and practice back at home and continuously improve. 
 It doesn't matter what age, skill or bike you have, you will come away a better rider after a skills day with AQR.

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