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Posted On: 07 February 2008
Category: Technical

Here's a handy list of tips and service notes from those awfully nice people at Marin. Feel free todownload and keep for reference.


Don't keep your bikeoutdoors! It should be protected from rain, snow and sun.

And if you are going to keepit stored in the long term, suspend it so the weight of the bike doesn't reston the tyres.

If you live on the coast youwill need to take extra care to prevent corrosion.

When you're out riding –don't lay the bike down on its right side as this can damage the derailleurs.

Schedule of Maintenance 

After buying a new bike andriding it for a month you should have it serviced by your dealer to ensure allthe components are working properly.

If you ride through morechallenging or muddy terrain you may need to leave shorter intervals betweenthe suggested times of the various checks.

Every Ride 

Spot check the quick releaseand brake adjustments


Every Week 

Check the tyres andlubricate the chain.


Every month 

Wash and dry the bike,inspecting it carefully.

Oil the brake level pivots

Oil the brake pivots

Oil the front and rear derailleurpivots

Oil control cables at cablehousing points

Check seatpost quick releaseor bolt adjustment


Every Three Months

Check torque values of nutsand bolts

Re-lubricate the seatpost


Every Six Months

Get your dealer to servicethe bike

Dealers should: true thewheels

Grease the brake cables

Replace the brake pads (ifneeded)

Adjust brake cables andderailleur cables

Re-grease brake arch pivots

Handlebar stem

Headset bearings

Crank bearings

And crank arm spindle.

Replace chain if necessary(and you may need to also replace the chain rings and cogs/freewheels)


Once A Year

Re-grease the pedalbearings.

Obviously bikes come in allshapes and sizes and vary in value. Marin recommends these checks on amaintenance schedule to preserve the quality of the ride and the integrity ofthe machine.

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