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23/09/2008 22:51:28
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I was rather disappointed with the quality of the results from last Sundays Southern XC round at Bordon. Both myself and my son rode. The first I knew of a problem was when our allocated numbers were mixed up and showed my sons under 10 number 1026 as being entered in the open class. The Timelaps chaps at the event were very helpful and the error was corrected. However reviewing the results on Sunday evening, there is no result showing for 1026 in the under 10's boys class.

Also it appears that our sponsors details have also been omitted.

Did anyone else have any problems with race numbers /reults?
24/09/2008 19:24:27
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Yes, i've also noticed that the results don't seem to fit. The winner of the youth race allegedly completed five laps! Also the times don't seem right, I was right up beside the guy infront of me on the first lap and he apparently crossed the line 17seconds ahead of me? I don't see why they've changed the system, what was wrong with the old format? It worked perfectly.
29/09/2008 12:33:41
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Hi Guys if you clear your cache you will see that the results have been corrected, unfortunately 2 riders were issued the same number hence that number went through the timing point 5 times.... You can always email us on the contact section to let us know of any issues on the results.

Why did we change the system? In a nutshell the old system was rock solid and did a great job; however the language that it was written in is now defunct meaning that we can't make changes to the system to reflect the changing direction of Mountain Biking.

So we had to invest in a new system which is now 80% complete. 80% sounds unfinished essentially the new system as a replacement for the old system is complete with loads of new features, live display for enduros, much more comprehensive commentary, time back from the leaders etc... The remaining 20% is the RFID (chip timing) which is about to be launched, part of the development of the new system was to enable us to hire out the kit to smaller events so that even with 100 riders you could still have decent timing.... So all in all a mountain of work which is very nearly complete...

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